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the essence of taijiquan

Demystifying traditional Chen Taijiquan

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Foreword by Chen Xiaowang

The Essence of Taijiquan describes the turbulent recent history of Chenjiagou and how this has shaped the art. It presents a comprehensive introduction to the overlapping steps that make up the traditional Chen Taijiquan syllabus. Topics include:

  • Understanding Qi in a practical way - Chen Zhaopi's 5 positive and 5 negative types of Qi Internal Training

  • Taijiquan as a Combat Art

  • Deciphering Chen Wangting's Boxing Canon

  • The correct attitude required for training

  • Insights/Interviews with today's leading practitioners etc.

Throughout lies an underlying theme of demystifying the art and appreciating it within the cultural framework of generations of chen practitioners.

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